Commercial Services

Out Wash offers several commercial services that will keep your business clean, attractive, and productive. Brandon and Meghan started Out Wash after spending years working as a diesel mechanic and nurse. Today, we run our own business, so we understand the difficulty that business owners face.

We aim to exceed your expectations and help make your business as successful as possible.

Our Commercial Cleaning Services


Building Washing

Your building’s exterior loses its attractiveness as pollen, dirt, and pollution accumulate along the walls. The dingy appearance will make customers and clients think twice about using your services. Regular building washing removes the grime that can make your building look unwelcoming. Our pressure washing services will restore the attractiveness of your building’s exterior and make people happy to visit your business.


Fleet Cleaning

Fleet cleaning keeps all of your vehicles clean so they can promote your business while employees drive around the city. We wash everything from small cars to large delivery trucks. After a good fleet cleaning, you’ll feel proud to send your vehicles into the world.


Exterior Window Washing

Dirty windows block natural light from coming into your building. They also make your building look uninviting to customers and clients. We have experience using a variety of window cleaning techniques. No matter how tall your building is, we know the right approach to keeping the windows sparkling clean.


Concrete Cleaning

Concrete structures like stairs, patios, and statues get dirty quickly. Even the rain contains pollution that will make your concrete look unattractive. We use state-of-the-art pressure washing equipment and safe detergents to keep your concrete structures as clean as possible.

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Out Wash is committed to exceeding your expectations. We’re a small business, but we’re fully insured, and we take our jobs seriously. Many businesses prefer working with us because we can make decisions without waiting for responses from a corporate office.

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